About Us



I began my lifelong love of photography as an eight-year-old when my dad gave me a Kodak Brownie camera (remember??). I loved capturing interesting subjects in an artistic manner. 

After winning the championship ribbon in 4-H for shooting a line of Ringling Bros Circus elephants in my home town that had become their summer home, I was hooked! As I grew up, my my artistic ventures extended into music as a flutist and singer, a writer and an interviewer.


The Experience

If you can't travel to a special place, you can find inspiration from a photograph. My work captures myriad scenes in the natural world, from sunsets, flowers and the changing seasons to images often beyond the purview of the naked eye. 

The images I shoot explore motion and the intricate, close-up world of nature, as I capture contrasting colors, lines and textures. 

I try to reflect the emotion I feel from nature.


Sharing my work

I will be adding more images, upcoming shows and the option of purchasing calendars, note cards, framed prints and more.  I will also share some writing samples to help you decide how I may be able to help write and edit something for your personal or business use. So stay tuned!


How can I help?

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